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“Some rap shit, some spiritual, some trap shit, some lyrical…” Pretty much sums up Itsjustinmills and what he brings to the game with his music.


Born, Justin Mills. In the early 2000’s, Itsjustinmills released a couple of mixtapes independently, selling his CD’s out the back of his trunk and at the let out of local clubs in Connecticut and in New York where he mainly performed. 


Inspired by artists such as Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound, Mobb Deep, Nas and The Wu-Tang Clan, as well as classic R&B and Funk while listening to his fathers and uncles band.


Being introduced to a melting pot of sounds and concepts, the versatility shows in his musical art. With songs like “Fantasy” and “On My Own - Demo”, he sings and raps covering many topics such as, fulfilling a woman’s fantasies to being alone in this world, a king searching for his throne, to songs like “Bigger” and “Al Quada”, where he speaks about, in life things are bigger than us, such as spirituality to lyrically dropping bombs while he’s gripping the mic turning the party out Emceeing!


Itsjustinmills released his official debut single “BIGGER” independently in January 2020, then followed up with albums, An Early Collection Vol. 1, and The Prophecy, later that year. He is  currently releasing non-album singles to keep his fans fed, such as “The Garden (feat. Sez1)” and Cop That (feat. UpTop Toot)” with accompanying music vides. 

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